Follow These Steps for a Seamless Transition Into the Insurance Industry

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The insurance industry is an attractive option for many professionals who aren’t happy with their current position. Whether you’re looking for a pay raise, diversified benefits, increased vacation days, or simply a career change, the insurance market can provide these advantages. With a yearly revenue reaching into the trillions, there’s no shortage of wealth to go around. Furthermore, the sheer size of this industry ensures that anyone can find a job no matter their educational or professional background. Here are some practical tips and tech-based tools for those wanting to dive into the insurance industry.

Get a great smartphone.

Before you can even think about switching careers, you’ve got to collect some essential tools. In the 21st century, having a capable smartphone is one of the most important devices for staying connected with customers, managing a busy schedule, and staying organized. If you’re current model is lacking, consider upgrading to something like the Samsung Galaxy S10 which comes with Gorilla Glass panels on both sides, rapid processing, and an impressive battery life. If you’re more of an Apple fan, the iPhone XS is a competitive alternative with a professional camera system, extended battery life, and seamless integration with many of your current software.

Familiarize yourself with the industry.

With hundreds of companies comprising the insurance industry, it can be difficult to know where to apply. Since limiting your scope is an important part of the transition process, it’s important to familiarize yourself with several insurance companies. By researching the best businesses within the sector, you can find which one suits your personal preference. While researching each prospect will provide you with an in-depth look at your options, it’s a relative waste of time since there are resources that have already shouldered this burden. Glassdoor is a fantastic website where you can find reviews about different insurance companies from people who used to work there. Additionally, you can learn more about a company’s interview process, entry-level salaries, and more.

Tailor your resume.

You should always tailor your resume to the industry and position for which you’re applying. Although your work experience and skills don’t change with each job transition, the way in which you present these assets should. For example, an internship or prior job that you had omitted when applying to your current position may be relevant for your switch to the insurance sector. The same may be true for some skills such as bookkeeping or running organizational software which are pertinent to this position. It’s helpful to review the job skills and experience an insurance company is looking for and tweak your resume to reflect these desired characteristics.

Talk with someone you know.

There’s a reason your Intro to Business class in college tirelessly stressed the importance of networking. While diplomas, certificates, and past work experiences have their place, finding a position in any sector is all about who you know. The insurance sector is no different. When making this transition, it’s smart to start out by contacting anyone and everyone you know currently working in the industry. Simply let them know about your move and kindly request any information on available positions. The message is bound to make it around until something comes up.

The insurance industry is an excellent choice for professionals coming from any prior field or educational background. There’s enough of a variety in positions that even the most unique of skill sets is bound to be needed somewhere. Before diving head first into the job search, it’s important to perform some ground work to make the transition much easier.

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