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Individual/Family Health

For Individual Health Quote Click Here Medical insurance for you and your family is not only required by law, it is a vital part of both your overall wellness and your financial protection. Consider that an emergency room visit for an uninsured person can cost, on average, up to $3,000. Likewise, the average uninsured American […]

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As a business owner, the risks you face are significant and everywhere. Mitigating those risks with proper insurance coverage is absolutely paramount to protecting your assets and ensuring your company’s success. In particular, the liability exposures associated with owning and running a business are plentiful. The first step to ensuring you have complete coverage is […]

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Workers’ Comp

We all know workers’ comp serves to protect workers who are hurt on the job. However, did you know that it was also designed to protect employers? Workers’ compensation insurance safeguards business owners against lawsuits filed by injured employees—lawsuits that could otherwise put them out of business. To mitigate the risks of potential on-the-job accidents, […]

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