Visit our auto insurance page to find protection for your car, truck, van or recreational vehicle.

The SIG Insurance Agencies are committed to the financial protection of you and your family. As such, we understand the importance of comprehensive insurance protection for your home. We also realize that no two homes are exactly the same, and insurance needs vary from family to family. Our agencies can help you find a home insurance package that provides you with the protection you need at an affordable rate.

Protection for Your House, Apartment or Townhome

Whether you live in a six-bedroom colonial house or a lofted studio apartment, we take the protection of your personal property very seriously. A complete and comprehensive homeowners policy protects against fire, theft and vandalism. It can also protect you against liability claims in the event an injury occuring while on your property.

While renters may not be responsible for the real estate on which they live, protecting their personal property with renters insurance is both affordable and invaluable. A renters insurance policy ensures compensation in the event that personal belongings are stolen or damaged.

Likewise, condo and townhouse owners face a unique set of exposures. While your condo association may be responsible for repairing damage to common areas and the exterior of the building, the individual owner is responsible for both their personal possessions and the interior of their individual units.

Fires, Floods and Earthquakes

Most basic homeowners policies will protect against theft, vandalism, fire and basic weather damage. However, more often than not, they don’t protect you against flood or earthquake damage. Don’t wait until hurricane season is upon us to buy flood insurance; there is generally a waiting period before both flood and earthquake coverage will take effect. Instead, be proactive and contact us today.

Confused about what your homeowners policy does and does not cover? Give us a call at 866-FIND-SIG. We can perform an audit of your current policy to identify any coverage gaps that may exist and ensure your complete protection.