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Like most Americans, you probably receive an overwhelming amount advertisements about the importance of having personal car insurance, and rightfully so. Carrying proper auto coverage is paramount to protecting yourself and your family. However, as a business owner, your commercial auto insurance needs are just as important. Nearly every business requires employee travel or the transportation of goods. Protecting your company cars with a comprehensive commercial auto insurance policy safeguards you against liability claims that could otherwise cause significant financial losses.

Cars, Trucks and Vans

It is a common misconception that your personal auto insurance coverage will protect you if an accident occurs while you’re operating your own car for company purposes. Unfortunately, it will not. You must have a commercial auto policy in place. Whether you are self-employed and use your own sedan to visit clients, or you own and operate a fleet of delivery trucks, we can help. The SIG Insurance Agencies will analyze your level of risk and create an insurance plan void of coverage gaps. Remember that if you rent or lease company vehicles, a special type of liability coverage may be needed. You can also receive volume discounts on your coverage if you utilize a larger number of vehicles.

Types of Coverage

The types of commercial auto insurance coverage available to you are similar to those you might choose from for a personal auto insurance policy. However, the process of deciding what types of coverage you need is a bit different. At The SIG Insurance Agencies, we can help you determine both the type of coverage and policy limits you need.

  • Liability coverage: Provides protection if one of your drivers causes property damage or bodily injury to a third party
  • Physical damage coverage: Provides protection against physical damage caused to your company vehicle
  • Uninsured motorist coverage: Provides protection against accidents with uninsured drivers
  • Medical payments coverage: Provides protection against medical expenses due to injuries incurred by one of your drivers or their passengers

Unsure of whether your current policy provides the protection you need? Contact The SIG Insurance Agencies at 866-FIND-SIG or fill out the form on this page.

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